The following yachts were either designed by MYD or built under the                               Muir Boatbuilding banner.


Van Diemen 3 was designed by MYD and built in New Zealand by Dave Blair Boats NZ.


The Warrior 3, 5.5m rating yacht was originally designed by MYD, built by Keith Revelle. A mold and tooling was taken from this boat and a limited production series was built by Melges Boat works.

      NOR55 Alfredo from that series won the International 5.5m World                Championship 1990 and Gold Cups in 1990 and 1992


Other 5.5m yachts designed by MYD  and or built by Muir Boatbuilding.

AUS43 Nangarina              AUS42 Southern Five     NOR44 Footloose

                   USA Sundance 2 Designed by A.E. Luders


Boats designed by MYD and built by other ship yards,

SUI132 Manjack Cay   SUI133 Cayman Jack
 SUI136 Alain 5  SUI146 Rana


Bright Morning Star was designed by Doug Peterson.

Quetzel was designed by Peter Cole and Associates


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